Love advice from experts

September 6, 2020

Whether you’ve been dating for a few weeks or you’re coming up on double-digit anniversaries, escaping for a vacation with your love interest may reveal more about your relationship than you ever knew before.

Sometimes it can reignite excitement, other times it can show you who someone really is based on how they handle themselves. How adaptable are they when things go wrong? How do they treat staff at the hotel? Are they a spender or saver? Are they more go with the flow or structured? It is amazing how open your eyes will be after only a few days together.

Even before you leave, you are going to have a good sense of who handles things, what budgets are like, and what’s important to them in terms of travel. Is it easy to talk to them about who will pay for what? Are they open to your suggestions about what to see and do? These are some of the questions you’ll want to ask yourself because the more you feel comfortable discussing things like this, the better, and chances are your vacation will not go smoothly if you both have a hard time communicating.

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